Greater Grampians Bioregion

Greater Grampians

Just over two-thirds (69%) of the Greater Grampians bioregion is captured within the Glenelg Hopkins region. This is the most intact of all the Glenelg Hopkins bioregions, with 86% of native vegetation species, including 53 rare or endemic species. The distinctive form of the Grampians is the result of folding, faulting and subsequent sandstone erosion.

Plain-lip spider orchid is one of the many orchids in the Victorian Valley red gum woodlands

Signal Peak, one of the high peaks of the Grampians, covered in dwarfed Eucalypt woodland

Swamp wallabies are a common sight throughout Gariwerd
Photo: Southern Grampians Shire

Grampians triggerplant is one of the many endemic plants of the Greater Grampians bioregion