Local Areas

The community in action

The Glenelg Hopkins Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS) outlines six local areas that represent distinct areas within the region. These local areas have been developed with the community to capture key priorities and interests, as well as reflect the region’s social and biophysical systems. They bring together the RCS themes of community, water, biodiversity, land, and marine and coast in a more meaningful way to describe the Glenelg Hopkins region and highlight the value of integrated catchment management. Local areas need to be at the appropriate scale – small enough to be understood and relevant to community, but large enough to achieve integrated outcomes with the resources available. It is recognised that local areas do not have sharp boundaries and there are cross border influences.

Each local area page contains the following sections: a local area snapshot, detailed overview, key challenges and threats, and community priorities and interests. Explore your local area, or a local area of interest, in more detail below.