City of Ballarat

Greener, vibrant, connected

Vision: To ensure health and sustainability for Ballarat’s landscapes and community

Ballarat is Victoria’s largest inland city with a population of 110,000, of which about 27,000 living in the Glenelg Hopkins region. The city derives its name for the Wadawurrung language, meaning ‘resting place’. Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation is the Registered Aboriginal Party for this local area.

Ballarat sits on the confluence of three CMA regions – Glenelg Hopkins, Corangamite and North Central CMA, with about one-third of the city falling within the Glenelg Hopkins region.

Health care and social assistance are the main industry employers, followed by retail trade and education and training.

Key Landcare networks include the Ballarat Environment Network and the Upper Mount Emu Creek Landcare Network.

City of Ballarat is the Local Government Authority for this area.